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About Us

Sonya A. Kittles


The CEO, Sonya A. Kittles had a vision to empower the community  through education and awareness of Afrikan (both as a continent and as a people) and Afrikan American Heritage in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas.  On January 10, 2006, Sonya founded what is now the Pan Afrikan Festival (formerly Afrikan American Festival). 

The festival has since grown to an attendance of approximately 6,000 people.  Sonya has also been a major (and in past years) sole contributor to the Festival.  As a result of her continued hard work, dedication and commitment to the community, she received the John W. Thompson Community Service Award presented by Eureka Lodge #36 on November 6, 2010.   

Our Goal

To Encourage and strengthen unification between all members of the indigenous and diaspora of Afrikan descent.

Our Mission

The purpose of this special day is to reach out to the community and celebrate our heritage by offering the community a unique blend of music, dance, art, spoken word, health and wellness and educational literature that reflect all members of the Afrikan diaspora. In addition, the festival will build unity, pride, and self-esteem in an effort to improve the quality of life in our community.

Our Vision

Strengthening our community through arts, culture and education.

Diane Sheffield

Curator & Education Coord.

Jimmie Highsmith, Jr.

Stage Manager

Eric Kittles, Sr.

Chief Financial Officer

Evans Buntley

Entertainment Dir.

Shai Sizer

Executive Asst.

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